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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00 -- on your side. breaking news. we take you to live pictures where whitney houston spent her last few moments alive. hills hotel in beverly hills. the bulletin crossed around 8:00 time.n the shot is reverberating. whitney houston has died. she was found dead by her hotel earlierhe this afternoon. police are holding a conference this evening. richard has the latest. it is news that has left fans heartbroken. was found dead in her 3:45 losm at about angeles time this afternoon.
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her death at 48 and her enormous talent silenced has left many at a loss for words. >> she had all the glitz and of a hollywood superstar. there was bad boys. -- the voice. ♪ >> it made me love america. >> hurry electrifying 1991 performance of the star spangled remains a youtube favorite. rendition ever. she had a gift. i think people love that about her. night, the world learned that the boys had been silenced forever. body was found in her hotel room. entourage called 911. the cause of death at -- death been released. >> there was no sign of a criminal intent at this time. it is being investigated by the police and detectives.
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i feel sad. outside the blues alley, fans on a life cut short. >> i think she was involved with people, unfortunately. i think she tried to come back a of years ago and i just drugs overtook her life. was the golden girl of the music industry. she ruled the radio waves from the mid-1980s steal the late 1990's. sold 170 million albums. in recent years, her life had a struggle. confessed to abusing marijuana, and pills. her voice became raspy, unable hit the high notes. she told diane sawyer "the biggest devil is me, i am either or my worstnd enemy. " >> i did not think it would go out like this. go into rehabld she declared
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herself drug free. there were missed concert dates stuff to do to meltdowns. at it robs generations of could be a positive influence and experience for so many. >> the notion of this dynamic performer dead at age 48 is a shop. whitney houston was a legend. she was an icon. -- she lifted us up. seen in public looking tired. reports that her fortune was gone. there were reports that her was gone. investigating whether she died of natural causes or something else. news.d reeve, abc 7 >> richard, thank you. at the sudden deaths of -- the sudden death of whitney houston has gotten quite a reaction on facebook. "i am so sad right now. no woman singer can compare to talent and voice.
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peace and i know you'll be singing with the angels. " >> i am sure she will be missed by family and friends. my prayers go out to that family. share your like to thoughts, go to facebook. >> we will have more on the passing of whitney houston, happen towhat will annual pre-grammy party which was expected to begin in a of moments. that is why whitney houston was beverly hills hotel today. we are going to switch gears and to the other big story that is impacting a lot of now.e here right temperatures are well below it one of theng coldest nights we have had this entire winter. >> that wind chill is brutal. the wind is not making it easy weather. brave the under a wind adviser. steve rudin is here in the center. watching been temperatures fall all afternoon long. front is moving through.
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snow earlierus the in the afternoon. but the windon, temperatures. now, 26 degrees at reagan national. 22 at dulles airport. the wind gusts of 37 miles per hour at dulles airport. 40 miles per hour in winchester. that is dropping hour wind chill to the single digits. it feels like 9 in gaithersburg. at reagan national, it feels like 14 degrees. it is only going to get colder we move through the night the early morning. how cold willing to get and when will we warm up? will have the answers coming moments from the belfort furniture weather center. strong dose of winter. conditions,the autria godfrey reports from arlington. of flaks -- flakes
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down. mind a lightt dusting. about thealking blustering winds that are cutting through your coat. it was the snowstorm that caught people's attention. the whipping winds that came did stick around. the gusts were so strong, they down one of the massive along interstate 66. was the scene around 3:00 afternoon when the sign down right at the exit for monument drive. despite accumulation, it seems is finally here. it is here with a vengeance. >> it is very windy and cold. not a good time to be pumping gas. shaking. when that seinfeld on interstate 66, it did land on a truck. that signed fell on internet -- interstate 66, it
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on a pickup truck. >> thank you. a man has been arrested. arrested johnnie pablito he fired shots last night from at two people who were along the sidewalk. an 18-3 yeardley oldone of them is an 18-year- was grazed by a bullet. the man accused of murdering transgendered woman has been to be toldl -- order without bond. montgomery was aftered yesterday witnesses recognized him on tape. today andaigned charged with second-degree murder. stabbed atnes was capitol street. she died. a motive is still unclear. >> we do not know what the relationship was. is the best we can tell you. >> she never bothered anyone. >> montgomery will have a on februaryhearing
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24. >> there are big developments today in the vote 2012. mitt romney celebrating two victories today. caucuses and the straw poll from the cpac. >> sortied of big wins for mitt romney. unofficial caucuses in maine. he had 39%, 3 points more than ron paul. i want to be our nominee. to beat president obama. i romney won the endorsement of the conservative political the formererence, massachusetts governor got 38% poll well rick santorum was second with 31%. newt gingrich that 50% and ron got 12% and he was the only not attend the conference. sarah palin wrapped up the event
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with a barrage of attacks on president obama. the former vice-presidential any ofte did not endorse the gop hopefuls. our candidates must be someone who can instinctively to constitutional conservative principles. it is too late in the game to teach it at this point. >> romney says he is the best choice. in thisthe one person reeser can be to the president. a his victories gave him comeback he needs after losing santorum lasto weekend. had invested time in maine. he will look for his first win in the 2012 race. abc 7 news. >> still to come here on abc 7 news, have much more on whitney houston's untimely death. people gathered to pay
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news of the whitney houston's death. a lot of celebrities are reacting. to whattake you down carey had to say. ourheartfelt condolences to family and oliver millions of fans throughout the world. as will never be forgotten the greatest voice is to ever grace the earth. " says, soaerry devastating, we will always love you. we will take you to a picture right now. downtown you see the nokia theater where heldrammys will be evening. told is happening inside the theater right now is producers are shuffling, trying a grammy tribute to whitney houston. we are told that possibly
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jennifer hudson will be taking in that tribute tomorrow night. imagine, they are to try to pay a good to whitneyomage houston. she died on the evening of the grammys in los angeles. performed thursday night at pre-grammy event. everyone is shuffling things do a tributeer to her. we are going to move on. in new york, the legendary changed their tribute to whitney houston. are gathering to pay respects. she was 48 years-old. they changed it to whitney houston. a rough three passing of those as ettands as well james. >> id is amazing. facebook, twitter.
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everything having to do with whitney houston. >> and washington state, a brothersor two young by theires were stolen own father. they were just five and seven ago they died a week tomorrow. their remains were in a casket. police are trying to solve the mysteries. father took those to the grave. ♪> [singing amazing grace] >> as close to a cutter in death -- asfe, the two children death andach other in had athe two children double funeral. everyone was showered with and i love you was a big, beautiful file his face. on >> he loved rocks, sticks,
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leaves, and bugs. he collected them at recess and a hard time parting with when he returned to class. were lured to their debt this inferno last sunday. after a social worker handed father at hisheir home. >> they blew up the house and the kids. the 9-11 call was not enough to say that -- save the boys or their father. the wife disappeared in september. comforter in the storage unit. tests were positive for blood, but we do not know if it is ' police got a tip that he dumped something in the recycling. find anything. covering all of our bases. >> thank you for your support. the two boys will be. on monday. abc news, tacoma, washington.
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the best -- the best selling author jeffrey zazi has died. he was hit by semi truck on a covered road. his books known for including "the last lecture." the arrest came amid an into the alleged payment of bribes by journalists to other top officials. a member of the arms forces was also arrested. greek leaders are urging lawmakers to pass more painful spending cuts. the vote is set for tomorrow. athens, thousands of against theallied measures that include
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pension cuts. greecesure that $1 70 billion bear out -- bailout deal. the alternative is catastrophic bankruptcy. brutal, punishing winds out there. lot of people stepped inside when the snow started. they thought everything was fine. moved on through. we feel the difference. [laughter] >> it is going to be strange. we have a few snow showers out now. right is going to accumulate. the wind is making it worse than it is. the flag blowing on top of the white house. 43 degrees for the daytime highs earlier today. -15 at the record low of setback in 1899.
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it is 25 degrees right now. it feels like 10 degrees. gusts that to see per hour as miles we move through the early morning hours. degrees in washington, d.c. right now. it feels like 5 degrees after a of 39. alexandria, 20 degrees. it feels like 10 degrees. our final stop takes us over to frostburg and where the winds little bit. it feels like one below zero. that will continue to fall overnight. already in the teens and 20's. 23 in manassas. 28 in fredericksburg. story is the cold air up north. 99 in detroit. detroit. it feels like to below -- two vallo in minneapolis. the cold front is moving .hrough
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that move around at -- that around 3:00 this afternoon. of there coming out north and west. to theessure up northwest. that will influence our weather for the overnight. this is doppler radar. a lot of this is light snow. of it not even getting to the ground. making it look a lot worse. wind advisory until 7:00 tomorrow morning. the entire metro area, wind gusts 40 to 45 miles per hour not out of the question. we're looking for sunshine tomorrow. nighttime low is 15 to 23 north.e winds out of the 30 to 45 miles per hour. partly to mostly sunny tomorrow. 30 to 25, but i tebow feel like degrees colder -- it will colder than degrees that. we will warm things up by wednesday. near 50 degrees. -- check out the latest
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have written and see some new wonders. >> stay in bed blocker tomorrow. >> bundle up. it is cold. >> 33, do not even bother coming outside. indoors and watch golf. we should be in california. >> i am happy to be here. back,.r is roaring . [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet, cleaning better, doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna... drink this... on the porch! ♪ give me st a little more time ♪ [ female announcer ] mops can be a hassle, but swiffer wetjet's spray cleaner and absorbent pads can clean better in half the time, so you don't miss a thing. hi mary! momorning! gladys. gladys! [ female announcer ] swiffer. better clean in half the time.
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.e dominates with the slam trying to keep maryland in the with a great move. plenty of great moves. this is a beauty. this is as close as the turks get. terps get. he gets it on the action. duke wins 73 to 55. most teams may have difficulty bouncing back from their rivals. they used in defense as offense. with this deal. there you go. -- with the steal. there you go.
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his own slam-dunk. he had 18 points on the day. carolina blew it open with 22 to 5 run. he passes for the easy baskets. had a game high of 25 points. north carolina when 70 to 52. slam. the patriot cut to a big lead. when you have mike more that, you can see why. youe morrison with that, can see why. he had 15 points. good.s pretty mason beat them 75 to 69. washington on the road. 16, not bad. he nails it. the game is tied.
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he has a leg up underneath the .olonials ve.h the dri he gets the leg up. double overtime. he finds an open spot. he gets what he wants. the army wins 69 to 63. more and more, we are seeing the old tiger at the at&t open. with a feat he accomplished since the 2009 to work. he is in contention. second to the park four. -- par four. it lands nicely on the green. enjoy it. he like it. so did his playing partner. terrero model.
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that must have been fun. that must have- been fun. jeremy lin elite free throw and points. the knicks won. >> he seems like a nice guy. >> harvard education. not too bad. >> is the tebow of the nba. >> better than tebow. i can agree with you on that. >> coming up next, a huge
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someone may be a lot richard tonight. there was a powerball drawing tonight with a jackpot more $3 44 million. 37 52 10 1 57. you can see them at the bottom of our screen. the number is 11. the jackpot is so big because no numbershed all of the wednesday night. numbershed all of the wednesday night. >> seriously, look at that face. so cute. and whether you're a dog person... into birds, or have a cat, you want to keep your friend healthy. so protect your pets from secondhand smoke because it can cause...
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nasal cancer in some breeds of dog. and lung cancer in others. secondha smoke can lead to malignant lymphoma in your cat. heightened allergies in mice... and diseases in your bird. secondhand smoke hurts pets. visit to learn more.
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id is going to be colder. bundle up as you head out the door -- it is going to be colder.
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head out theyou door. lore 40's on monday. tuesday, we get up a little back into the mid 40's to around 50 degrees. tomorrow will go down as the had allmorning we have season. winter starting december 1. it is cold out there. i am going to stay in my bed all morning. i will try to stay warm. >> thank you. we lost a legend today. we are all shocked at losing houston. you listen to her perform, remember why we loved her. ♪ you.arling,
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